Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Get a Personal Beauty Makeover

In this personal beauty makeover the first thing I want you to do is stop putting on beauty. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, hairstyles, and make up do not make you beautiful; they are simply to adorn your inner beauty. And, get out of the mirror! Hips too wide, breast too small, nose too big, hair not long enough, not voluptuous enough? Says, who?! The fashion game was never intended for you to win. So your personal beauty makeover is designed as a new way of looking at you.  Stop blaming yourself for not getting it right. But answer one important question. Honestly. What’s your type? If you’re thinking, body type, that’s only the surface. Beauty is personal. The clothes, hairstyles, or make up that looks best on you, depends solely on you. Only you know the real you, so what type of woman are you on the inside? Get to know her; she defines your beauty.

I’m here to support you in getting in touch with and feeling confident and secure in who you really are, embracing the type of woman you are. As women, we’ve been set up by the fashion makers to fail. There’s this one general physical beauty ideal, if we don’t fit into it we feel threatened by women who do. And we hate on the woman who doesn’t fit into that ideal either but she’s in touch with her inner beauty, she knows who she is on the inside and she carries herself with confidence and style. We don’t like her, she got nerve, she ain’t even cute, right? We’re jealous, envious and just plain catty with these two types of women but the core of it stems from self hate and feelings of inadequacy. We’ve fallen prey to what fashion makers define as beautiful.  Growing up I remember hearing girls say “oh she thinks she’s this and she thinks she’s that” No lets be real, because of what you’ve been told beauty should be, You think she’s all this and that and You think that you’re not.

So, here are three steps to your personal beauty makeover.
Step #1: Stop putting on beauty. Your God-given beauty lies inside of you. Everything else only accentuates. Don’t depend on clothes for your beauty. “Clothes should look as if a woman was born into them.” —Geoffrey Beene – meaning, they’re only an enhancement.
Step #2: Get out of the mirror. Look at you with your heart, and not with your eyes. Beauty is not about looking good for man. Your beauty should bring glory to God, it’s he who made you.
Step #3: Get personal. Stop comparing yourself to other women, and ask yourself, what type of woman am I? Look inside you and consider all of the beautiful things that make you – you. Because that’s what God sees; that’s what God planted in you.

During your personal beauty makeover, remember that “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalms 34:5

With Style and Spirit,